Thursday, January 8, 2015

Essential Oils Gone Crazy

So the Essential Oils craze has increased considerably in the last year. Not just by hardcore herbalists and naturalists but also by everyone people that just want to do what is healthiest.
I am in FULL support. Going to the doctor for every little ailment is a rip off and just flat unnecessary. I feel that we should be taking as much responsibility as possible to prevent ourselves from getting sick, not just hoping for the best.
My personal experience with essential oils has been for cleaning purposes, aromatherapy and beauty. I am just now entering the realm for health. I love the methods for headaches, cramps and allergies. All are very legit and helpful.
For example, a simple whiff of the peppermint oil will curb your appetite and reduce your cravings. This does work. I was sitting up drinking coffee this morning and my stomach just went nuts growling at me and I took a whiff of the afore mentioned oil and seriously haven't had anymore rumblings. Pretty cool stuff.
Now that I have reassured you that I am a supporter of essential oils, I am going to post some links to sites and postings about the "safe ingestion of essential oils". Showing how unsafe it really is and not only because it is uncharted territory. There have been large groups people expressing the hardcore symptoms and side affects they got from ingestion of these oils (not positive ones).
There are two essential oils companies (very largely used and known companies) Young Living and doTerra (doTerra actually came about from a group that were a part of Young Living, so makes sense that they both support the same) that are encouraging people to use the raw essential oils, undiluted and to also use them for ingestion. Neither of which are recommended or safe. The term "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade" is a term that doTerra adopted for their marketing and that's all it is. There are NO certified essential oils because there is no recognized organization that certifies these oils.

This one is particularly informative and very well substantiated (read through the comments)

Ok, I think that will suffice for information for those interested. Oil onward! Enjoy with the proper precautions!

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