Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cheers to a New Year!

Well it has been a long time since I have posted anything on my blog. I have revamped it and changed the theme.
Life has been good and carried quite a few remarkable changes for me and my husband.
In the last three years we have bought and remodeled our first home. We have also sold that home. I have put my cooking career on hold, I have some areas in it that I want to continue to pursue but on a different level.
I want to start experimenting with a healthier and more natural (and by natural, I don't mean some freakish wholesome voodoo vegan habit) style of eating and cooking. I have become very supportive of a more organic and natural foods. We see things daily that attack the way we have been eating and living for years. These are not all bad attacks. Some that I agree with are the avoidance of GMO foods, meats, eggs, and dairy that are not grass fed, raw, no additives and hormone free.
Now, I fully appreciate and agree that the cost is exuberant and seems to be a bit of a racket. However, next time you decide to take the cheaper route, take a look at the ingredients listed on the back of the packaging. The list will be almost as long as your arm, you won't be able to pronounce or recognize a 1/4 of it. Not convinced? Ok. How about the fact that a 2.99 (off brand aka the cheaper version) family size bag of chips is 3/4 full of air? Now the name brand and more expensive is not much cheaper and for not much more product. So, let's continue down to the more natural and organic aisle. The bags are average size, but mostly full and those that aren't are not meant to be eaten in large quantities. Ever notice how you get a large bag of potato chips and you could eat the whole bag and not feel the least bit satisfied. Yeah, I know. Try the overpriced, organic versions and in all honestly you will actually be saving some money. Why? Because, once you have eaten the serving size you will realize that your insatiable craving has somehow been satisfied. That is because it is real. It doesn't contain additives that cause you to want more and inevitably end buying more to satisfy the afore mentioned craving. Giving the stores and the corporate world what they want. More profit. Might I add that this profit is at the expense of your paycheck and most importantly your health.
I have been toying with this new way of eating for about 1 1/2 years. This past holiday season I made a series of low carb, paleo, more natural, etc. (take your pick) of goodies. I made the decision to enjoy these for most of the month of December, but on Christmas Eve and Day to enjoy the real and more traditional foods that my family makes.
After two days of enjoying the foods, became burnt out on them. Not to mention my energy level was next to nill, I was sleepy, had headaches and had an urge to eat my other more healthy options. SUCCESS! I have been able to convince not only my mind but also my body and tastes buds about the better choices.
So, in starting the new year my husband and I have both committed to eating healthier 100% NO weakness!
We made a shopping trip to Costco and purchased a month's worth of food. This includes, rain forest coffee, coconut chips, chia seeds, almond butter, wild caught fresh salmon, 12 grain organic bread loaded with omega-3, cage free (no hormone) eggs, organic chicken and beef, etc. The point being we committed. I am fully convinced of the health benefits of these choices.
I am saying none of this to convince others to change their habits, only to share my experience and belief in them.

On that note, HAPPY HEALTHY

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