Tuesday, January 6, 2015

After Christmas Finds

So I told myself I wasn't doing any "after Christmas" shopping this year.......I lied. Well no not really. I took a wrong turn yesterday and somehow ended up in the Hobby Lobby parking lot. Ok, the truth. I was a making a Good Will drop off donation and it is located right next door to Hobby Lobby. So, I thought "what the heck?" Can't hurt to take a look. They probably won't have anything I want or won't have anything at all.
As I entered, noticed 3 full aisles left of Christmas stuff, quite a bit actually. Especially considering it was almost two weeks after Christmas and that they are probably itching to get Valentine's Day decorations up.
I grabbed a buggy and headed onward when I realize that everything was marked 90% off, yes, you heard me correctly. I inadvertently overheard (in that same second) that they had just put the signs up.
Now, you would have to understand how thrilled I am. It's 11am on a Monday, after Christmas. Typically and literally this time every year for the past 10 years I would be at work. I am not currently working (thanks to my awesomely supportive husband). This making it possible for me to get to a sale that by the time I would get off work would have been sold out, how do I know this? Because around 5:30 I headed back to Hobby Lobby just to check the damage and they were sold out, minus a few measly items that nobody wanted from the beginning of the season. This sight only heightened my puffed up feeling of pride and excitement.
Now for the GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT! I walked out of Hobby Lobby with $689 worth of items for $80.00! Now that's a steal of a deal!
The main items I purchased were mini Christmas trees (about 2 ft tall) that are themed in different colors with a coordinating wooden base and have a tinsel type material wrapped around the wire branches. They are adorable and can be themed for modern, preppy, folky, primitive, vintage, any theme you want. They had black, hot pink, turquoise, teal, silver light pink/cream and purple. I bought a little of each. The purple and black will make perfect mini Halloween trees. The cream and pink for Valentines day and the blue for Easter. I am not sure yet if I will be making these to sell on my Etsy shop, https://www.etsy.com/shop/Hannahsfunkyjunk?ref=hdr_shop_menu or if I will pre-decorate them with coordinating ornaments and give them as Christmas gifts for next year. Decisions, decisions.
My second find of the day was on the platform where they display the fake trees, they had 3 left and they were also 90% off. Crazy deal if you want to purchase a fake Christmas tree for the next season. The one I picked out however is not for Christmas ( I am sucker for real trees during Christmas), it is black and has lights attached to it (and please don't ask me who would purchase a prelit black Christmas tree, but apparently some people do because the only one left for sale was the display). Ok, moving on. The tree is 4ft tall with a heavy black metal base. It is also more of a narrow corner tree, so it won't be taking up much space. My intent is to make it my Halloween tree. My mother makes awesome hand hooked wool ornaments, as well as felted ornaments, I am hoping to con her into making me some. In any case, I am excited about having a tree to decorate and theme for another one of my favorite holidays.
Time to close, so much to do today! I leave you with a question though (and please feel free to comment, I would love to hear your answer) Riddle me this, does a "green/naturalist" buy a fake Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree? The twist is that a fake tree is not natural in any form and probably took the lives of many trees to make it, but then of course if they chose a real tree that doesn't seem very green?

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