Friday, March 6, 2015

No to Dogs, Yes to Kids.....

Good Morning! I know everyone is thinking Yay for Friday! I hear ya, very exciting weekend to look forward. Parents are coming for a visit and Monday we will start the closing on our house :).
Speaking of homes, how many of you have dogs/cats? How many of you have kids? How many of you have both? How many of you allow kids but won't allow dogs/cats in the house?
I totally get the people that don't have kids and don't allow pets in the house. Makes sense, germ freaks, control freaks, or just plain clean freaks. But what about parents that have kids but don't want dogs in the house? Cats I kind of understand (obviously not a cat person). I think the whole litter box thing is disgusting and to top it off cats tear everything unless they are declawed.  Plus they can jump and get places that dogs can't. But hey, to each their own.
Back to not allowing pets in the house, but kids are ok? So, reasons?
Dogs have accidents in the house
Dogs shed hair
Dogs get fleas
Dogs need to be taken outside to potty, which is annoying
Dogs, when walking you have to pick up their doo doo and place in bag to dispose of
Dogs chew stuff
Dogs tear stuff up
Dogs are messy
Dogs are high maintenance
Dog Sitters

Ok, so think about all of those reasons and think about what your child does
Kids have accidents in the house ALL OF THE TIME 24/7 actually
Kids don't shed hair but they do pick their nose and wipe stuff on stuff amongst other nasty habits
Kids don't get fleas, but they can get lice.
Kids have to be taken to the bathroom when they need to potty or diaper changed, whichever stage you are at
Kids have to have their diapers changed and disposed of when out and about
Kids chew stuff
Kids tear stuff up
Kids are messy
Kids can be very high maintenance
Kids need baby sitters

WOW, everything sounds so similar. What does it all lead to in my point? My point is some people have dogs first others have kids first, and just because someone has dogs instead of kids doesn't mean you should make it difficult for the owners.
If you have kids in the house and your reasons for no dogs in the house match any of the reasons above, then your an idiot. It is unfair and unreasonable to have friends (that have dogs) to come over and are expected to leave their dogs at home or at a kennel because you don't like dogs in the house.
Meanwhile, your 4 years old just spilt a glass of milk on the new couch, the 2 year old just stuck their hand in their diaper then ran their hand down the hallway wall. Yeah. I see your point. Dogs are sooooo much worse.......
Another note, the excuse "I just don't like dogs". Doesn't fly with me either. I don't necessarily like kids, but I am not about to tell you that when you come over you have leave them at home or they have to stay in the car. I mean come on? Really?

All I am asking is that people think before they react and make a rule. It has to be legit rule and reason, like I am allergic to dogs, or your dog doesn't do well with kids, and we just had a baby, etc.

Just food for thought!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

All in Favor of NOT living in Texas

Ok, so I am sure most people know how hard it is to find "negative" things about Texas online or in conversation with Texans. BTW, I am have lived in Texas all my life and have noticeably hated it since I was 13. About the age when you start realizing important things. Not when is the next Buccees stop, BBQ get togethers, having to drive 30 minutes for take out food, etc.
I have lived near two major cities in Texas. An hour from Houston and 45 minutes from San Antonio. So opposite ends of the spectrum. Both what people consider relatively close to the gulf coast (not what it is hyped up to be). I have worked in a small town and a medium small town. Both gave me huge insights on Texas culture that just can't be ignored. The main one (hidden behind all of that false redneck pride), IGNORANCE.
People don't move here because it is beautiful, awesome weather, scenic, pleasant people. They move here because they want a job (and think we magically provide it and we do.....for all of the illegal immigrants that make up for more than half of the population) and because it is cheaper. Well, ok. You wanted to live someone cheaper, then be prepared for cheap. Cheap culture, cheap quality and cheap morals.
San Augustine (lived most of my life) population: less than 5,000. Couldn't wait to move. The blunt and very obvious reason to not live in Texas. The next biggest town is Nacogdoches (conveniently people nick name it "Nasty Toe Cheese") Between every major city in Texas is about 40 billion (exaggeration) of the small, miserable and down right creepy small towns and communities. Seriously driving anywhere in Texas at night, I make sure my tank is full of gasoline because trust me you don't want to stop at any of these towns.
Kerrville, the next lovely location I chose to move to after marrying my husband. Biggest mistake ever (not the marriage, the town). Population: 22,000. So bigger than I was used to but with even smaller minds and even larger number of registered sex offenders. BTW, Kerrville (Texas Hill Country) is supposedly this amazing, beautiful location that everyone wants to vacation at, retire to, move to. DON'T. Unless you want an endless supply of creepos, breakfast tacos, low quality tex mex (don't even see how that is possible when you live right next door to Mexico) and rednecks. Please don't get me started on one of the huge advertisements for this area: The Guadalupe River. In a few words, it is the nastiest water you won't want to dip your toes into. My husband and I invested in a pool that last 2 years we lived there just so we could survive the MISERABLE Texas summers (which btw last all but one month of the year) and so at the same time didn't have to worry about getting a disease from the river water. Seriously, we swam in the pool from April till October. And seriously don't move here if you expect to find a decent home in a decent area for a decent price. Welcome to the Hill Country you get to live in a stone home surrounded but dust, rocks and sticks. So pleasant.
Huntsville: location after we finally made the best decision ever, to move from Kerrville. Population 34,000 and growing. Obviously it's only an hour from Houston. So far love it. It is pretty, there is a lot of green and lots of hills and turns. Actually a nice variety of restaurants (not the greatest but hey they have something other Denny's and taco shops if you should decide to go enjoy a Sunday morning breakfast.) Stores to shop for groceries other than Wal-Mart and HEB. A huge plus. In Kerrville, heaven help you if you decide to get a few quickie groceries from HEB, rush hour that makes driving thru Houston traffic look pleasant. And funny that it should be an hour from Houston and close to 15,000 more people and yet has 30 less mapped sex offenders than Kerrville.
Obviously, like everywhere in Texas it too will be over populated and miserable. In the meantime I am happy to bide my time living here until we can move out of Texas. I can actually walk my dogs in my neighborhood without feeling the need to have pepper spray and a large stick. My previous neighborhood in Kerrville was a little L street with 12 houses and I was terrified to even walk from one end to the other. Another plus, when I go to the grocery store people actually smile and greet you and carry on conversation with you when checking out. Something I missed for 3 years. There is something going on all the time, so if we choose to do something there is always access to something. My husband and I have done more in the 6 months of living here than we did in 3 years in Kerrville.

I am having difficulty finding negatives but I know that I will start spotting them and identifying them.

Anyways found some forums and blogs sharing my opinions, have some wine and enjoy: