Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ragu .... Yes, It is real. No, it is not the gross stuff that comes in a jar.

Here is food for thought.....literally. Ragu is typically known as a meat sauce served over noodles. Oh! Wait! I take that back. Ragu is typically known as that stuff that comes in a jar and that almost every American household has in their buggy of groceries when they go shopping. Real Ragu is a meat sauce served over noodles. You can make this sauce using most any combination of meat. You can use solid beef, turkey, Italian sausage or even by mixing several of these together.  Historically even horse meat has been used (not that we are going to try that in our sophisticated kitchens.) Anyways, back to the subject at hand, Ragu. You can make just a regular sauce and add lots of meat to it or you can cook the meat first with a mix of different seasonings and diced vegetables before adding the tomato sauce. Either way, it sounds yummy and certainly clears up with misunderstanding of what "Real Ragu" is. I still haven't gotten past the jarred, ready-to-go sauce. So many choices right there on the shelf in hands reach, Old World Style, Chunky, with Meatballs, Robust 7-Herb or just the regular. In any case, you won't be finding that in my pantry. There is set flavor in all of them and none compare to "Real Ragu."

Real Ragu!
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