Friday, March 6, 2015

No to Dogs, Yes to Kids.....

Good Morning! I know everyone is thinking Yay for Friday! I hear ya, very exciting weekend to look forward. Parents are coming for a visit and Monday we will start the closing on our house :).
Speaking of homes, how many of you have dogs/cats? How many of you have kids? How many of you have both? How many of you allow kids but won't allow dogs/cats in the house?
I totally get the people that don't have kids and don't allow pets in the house. Makes sense, germ freaks, control freaks, or just plain clean freaks. But what about parents that have kids but don't want dogs in the house? Cats I kind of understand (obviously not a cat person). I think the whole litter box thing is disgusting and to top it off cats tear everything unless they are declawed.  Plus they can jump and get places that dogs can't. But hey, to each their own.
Back to not allowing pets in the house, but kids are ok? So, reasons?
Dogs have accidents in the house
Dogs shed hair
Dogs get fleas
Dogs need to be taken outside to potty, which is annoying
Dogs, when walking you have to pick up their doo doo and place in bag to dispose of
Dogs chew stuff
Dogs tear stuff up
Dogs are messy
Dogs are high maintenance
Dog Sitters

Ok, so think about all of those reasons and think about what your child does
Kids have accidents in the house ALL OF THE TIME 24/7 actually
Kids don't shed hair but they do pick their nose and wipe stuff on stuff amongst other nasty habits
Kids don't get fleas, but they can get lice.
Kids have to be taken to the bathroom when they need to potty or diaper changed, whichever stage you are at
Kids have to have their diapers changed and disposed of when out and about
Kids chew stuff
Kids tear stuff up
Kids are messy
Kids can be very high maintenance
Kids need baby sitters

WOW, everything sounds so similar. What does it all lead to in my point? My point is some people have dogs first others have kids first, and just because someone has dogs instead of kids doesn't mean you should make it difficult for the owners.
If you have kids in the house and your reasons for no dogs in the house match any of the reasons above, then your an idiot. It is unfair and unreasonable to have friends (that have dogs) to come over and are expected to leave their dogs at home or at a kennel because you don't like dogs in the house.
Meanwhile, your 4 years old just spilt a glass of milk on the new couch, the 2 year old just stuck their hand in their diaper then ran their hand down the hallway wall. Yeah. I see your point. Dogs are sooooo much worse.......
Another note, the excuse "I just don't like dogs". Doesn't fly with me either. I don't necessarily like kids, but I am not about to tell you that when you come over you have leave them at home or they have to stay in the car. I mean come on? Really?

All I am asking is that people think before they react and make a rule. It has to be legit rule and reason, like I am allergic to dogs, or your dog doesn't do well with kids, and we just had a baby, etc.

Just food for thought!

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