Friday, February 27, 2015

Kid Friendly TV........But is it Adult Friendly?

So I haven't blogged in a while, things have been busy around here. But, something has caught my attention.....the things that do and don't approve of for their children to watch.
So would think would be the inappropriate list and oddly enough it isn't. In fact in same paragraphs a parent will say they approve of spongebob but absolutely no to South Park and The Simpsons. At least with South Park you are learning sarcastic truth about life. What do kids learn from Spongebob other than nasty jokes and the digression of their speech abilities.
A parent once posted on Facebook that she was "needing suggestions for new kid's movies". Thinking nothing of it, I suggested Rango. My opinion of the movie was that it was funny, intelligent, and though their was some mild language in it (something I highly doubt your child hasn't already been subjected to and if they haven't they should be, I am not a fan of sheltering) and the mom replied back "I have seen Rango, and don't find it appropriate for children". Following my suggestion were movies like Tangled and Veggie Tales.
Why are parents so intent on allowing their child to watch shows and movies that don't do anything for their child's brain other than lull it to sleep and silence? Why can't parents learn the fine line between inappropriate and educational? Growing up we were allowed to watch movies with scary stuff in it and a little bit of mild language. In a way we were weened into it. We never cussed as children or got scared from movies. Parents today are so afraid of this possibility that they shelter their children completely from it and then once their child has unsupervised access to it, they go ape crazy. Self inflicted by the parents for sheltering their child to begin with.
I saw a blog post recently where a guy made a list of 20 inappropriate movies for children and he actually listed the Disney Robin Hood (you know the one with the characters played by animals). Did I miss something?
Something else that gets me is Veggie Tales. Why would you encourage your child to be sucked into Veggie Tales? Oh, and please spare me the "It's a Christian educational cartoon" speech. Honestly the same parents that promote those movies are bashing superhero shows, saying they are unrealistic and noneducational. So a singing vegetable is realistic and a guy with a cape that can fly is not?

Hmmmmmmmm. Yeah, totally makes sense.
Do any of these shows ring a bell?
Dora the Explorer
The Wiggles
Rug Rats

Why would any parent in their right mind let their child watch these? One a show I remember distinctly not being allow to watch was "Barney". Looking back, I totally understand why.
Another memory I have as a child was being about 7 years old and some friends from church came other and were not allowed to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol with us because the ghost of Christmas future might scare them. Yet, you go over to this same women's home and she will show a birthing video to the same children saying it is "educational" HUH?!?!?! Did I miss something?

Finally the latest rage.....Frozen. I am so SICK TO DEATH of that movie and all the hype about it. Forcing myself to watch that movie was like a suicide attempt. Worst plot in the world, stupid obnoxious songs and the whole thing is about some stupid sister relationship? huh? The only reason I wanted to see it was because of the cute snowman (who was barely in it). This is something parents actively support for the children? I would rather my kids be watching the classic horror films like Frankenstein, The Wolf Man and Creature of the Black Lagoon. Which we did watch at a very young age when I was growing up and yet again no nightmares, and best of all...... no delusions about life.
Ok, off my soap box now.
Parents, consider the growth of your child's mind. Instead of sheltering it try give it more room. One day that child will grow up to be an adult. Believe it or not, what they watch now will affect how the behave, react and handle life once they are released on their own.

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