Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Almost Famous Cake

This peticular cake has become quite popular among those that I bake for. The basic concept was used for my friend's wedding cake on 5-1-10 and has since been made for birthday parties and family reunions. It has something for everyone, a dark chocolate cake, a creamy ganache filling, white chocolate buttercream and ganache topping. Its just hard to go wrong with this cake, well so far.
There are those who like a less "rich" icing and there are those that don't care for the taste of buttercream. Well, no worries there is a solution. I quite often use a Stabilized Whipped Cream icing as a replacement.
The actual term for this cake is "Tuxedo Cake." The colors of the white icing, dark chocolate ganache and red from the strawberries created the classic coloring of a tuxedo, complete with the red "Boutineer."
I am still searching for the perfect name for this cake.............It's out there somewhere.

                                          4 layer tuxedo cake, waiting to be iced.
                                          So that the moisture can be locked in.
                                          Crumb coat and 2 coats of buttercream.
                                            The final presentation.
                                         Same idea, different cake.
                                         This one is 3 layers and has a thicker ganache.


  1. So are we ever gonna get a recipe?? Or just drool on our computer screens, seeing as you won't actually share the real thing...

    I seem to recall that being one delicious cake, way back on May 1, 2010:-) But it was a busy day, so I MAY just need a second shot at remembering!!

  2. Well, I am not sure I can share the actual recipe...I will be happy to make another for you though :)
    I agree, it was a busy day. I don't even remember if I tried or not!

  3. Love the Blog Han! Look forward to reading it, and seeing pics of stuff I ate!

  4. Thanks Chris! I promise to post as often as possible!

  5. Was going to stick it on fb page but figured all your foodie stuff belonged here....found another baking blog (apparently there are alot of y'all out there) and she had a recipe for the pecan pie cheesecake. It might be a good jumping off point http://www.bakeorbreak.com/2007/11/pecan-pie-cheesecake/

  6. Oh, thanks. I am glad you decided to post it on here. These kinds of posts really help. The recipe looks really neat! I will have to try it out now and then post the pictures on here.